Contact Information

Boskone is a medium sized convention that featured a variety of people and groups, making it a little confusing to know who to contact with your questions. To make things easier for our members, participants, and vendors, we have pulled together the following quick list of email addresses for you to use. However, is you have any questions about who to contact, please email us at, or visit our Committee Page , and we will ensure that your question is answered and your message is forwarded to the right people.

Access: [webpage]

Advertising: [webpage]

Art Show: [webpage]

Dealers: [webpage]

Fan Tables: [webpage]


Hotel: [website]


Marketing & Promotions:

Parties: [website]

Press: [website]

Program: [website]

Registration: [website]

Code of Conduct: [website]

Volunteers: [website]

P.O. Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: 617-625-2311

Our list of Program Participants is near capacity, if you are interested in being a program participant, please contact for more details.