Jon Singer assembles a tabletop air laser at COSine 2017, in Colorado Springs, where he was the Science Guest.

Jon Singer has been attending Boskone (albeit somewhat irregularly) since at least 1975. He is passionate about tweaking and fixing and upcycling and making things, and he takes particular delight in combining ingredients or techniques from disparate realms.

When he heard about the YInMn blue pigment and wanted to see what it looked like, he made some; but it’s a bit more complicated than that — for one thing, he didn’t have a hydraulic press or an easy way to get one, so he constructed a substitute. (Two, actually, because he rarely gets anything right the first time.)

Partly as a result of ADHD and partly because the world is filled with things to be curious about, Jon has too many interests; among them are ceramics, lasers, fluorescent minerals, botany, mycology, astronomy…

For reasons that seem likely to remain poorly understood, he seems to spend a certain amount of his time in a foaming vortex of serendipity.

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